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On the Road

Self-Guided Tours

Are you looking for an excuse to explore? Not sure where to go or what to do? Give a Sand Dollar M/C endorsed Tour a try! Chances are high that you'll meet new people and explore out of the way areas that you would not typically visit. Our Tours are open to anyone with any kind of motorcycle (two wheels, three wheels, mopeds, and scooters).

Before you begin, verify we have the applicable Sand Dollar M/C Tour patch in stock. You can use our Contact form on this website or email to verify. Please include your name and mailing address when you verify patches are in stock.

All photo submissions will become SDMC property and we retain all rights to use them in any manor we deem fit. Photos and descriptions of your adventure can be submitted through any of the following:

  • Tag us on Instagram and use #sandollarmc​

  • Facebook or Instagram Messenger

  • Email

To receive a patch showing off your achievement, you will be required to submit $30 USD to either:

  • A Sand Dollar M/C Club Officer in person

  • A PayPal link sent to you (upon request)

Grand Tour

Patch earned when completing the Grand Tour

The International Grand Tour

  1. ​Visit cities, towns or villages that begin with each letter in the phrase "SANDOLLAR MC" and take a photo of your 2 or 3 wheeled motorized conveyance with a sign clearly showing the name of the city, town, or village. Example: The city of Rome will work for the letter "R".

    • 11 different photos, one for each letter in the phrase are required to complete the tour

    • They include two "L's", two (2) "A's", one "D"

  2. The sign in the pictures CAN include:

    • Post office signs

    • "Welcome to" signs

    • Town limit signs

    • Water Towers, Schools, and Church signs with the town or city in their name

  3. The sign in the pictures WILL NOT INCLUDE:

    • State, County or Parish signs

    • Street Signs

    • Billboards

    • Commercial Establishment signs

The Lighthouse Tour

  1. Submit six photos of your bike at six Lighthouses

    • Club Members near FWB:

      • Visit at least five of the six Florida panhandle Lighthouses

        • ​St Marks Lighthouse must be one of the five

      • Visit a sixth Lighthouse

        • Can not be on the Florida panhandle

    • Club Members ​living elsewhere:

      • Take Six pictures of you and your bike at a Lighthouse Object

        • Lighthouse Church, Lighthouse Bar, inland light on a river or lakes in the background

  2. A small write-up would be appreciated, but not necessary.

OR skip all of this and get a picture of you and your bike at the Dry Tortugas Lighthouse - that will suffice for you to get The Patch.

For everyone else, visit these nice people for lighthouse locating

Lighthouse Tour

Patch earned when completing the Lighthouse Tour
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