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Are you guys a 1% club?

No. We are an AMA sanctioned club. We often joke amongst ourselves that the only people that are concerned to see the Sandies pull up are line cooks and dishwashers (we like to eat).

Are you guys a Motorcycle or Riding Club?

We are a motorcycle club. We focus on supporting each other, riding, and our community. It's a family of friends.

Do you have a Club House/Physical Address?

No. We tried this in the past; the cost and time to maintain the property was overwhelming. We salute the clubs that do maintain their own clubhouse, it was not for us.

Does the club name have one "d" or two?

Officially our club name is "Sand Dollar Motorcycle Club". We've got used to both variations and tend to use them interchangeably. We often call ourselves "Sandies" to add even more confusion.

What participation requirements do you have for club members?

Members are asked to stay safe and have fun! We take very few things seriously and a healthy sense of humor fits right in. We do not have minimum participation requirements because we understand family, work, and community obligations. We do ask every member to come out and help with a poker run or other charity events.

Fun Fact: If you were to ride every planned (and unplanned) weekend ride with the club, you will average 12 to 15 thousand miles of fun riding per year.

Where can I find more motorcycle safety information?

We use multiple sources and are fortunate enough to have several MSF instructors/coaches in the club. A great place to start looking for more information is the MSF library:

Do I have to join the club to be a member of the website?

No, website members can set up notifications, emails, and alerts to get updates in the manner they choose. Website membership is free and open to the public. 

Club members pay dues and have access to member only features not available to the general public.

How do I get an event published on your website?

Use the "Contact" form. Please share as much detail as you can. If possible, tell us where we people should go to find more information about your event. Also note, we do not manage RSVPs for community events.

How does my business become a sponsor?

Sponsors are businesses that support our club and the motorcycling community. These businesses have hosted events, offer member discounts, donate items for charity raffles, etc. If your business is interested in becoming a sponsor, use the "Contact Us" form. We will get back with you to see how we can work together in the community.

Where do I find emails from the website to finish the sign in process or receive the newsletters?

Check your Spam or Junk folders.

Emails from our website come from but are sent through Wix's email service. WIX is the web host we use, and they host several thousand websites. Consequently, emails are flagged by many providers as Spam and get filtered to you junk/spam folder. Please tell your provider that our emails are not junk to receive them in your normal inbox.

If you ever wish to stop receiving emails from us, simply unsubscribe or notify us at

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