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Where's Waldo? Riding a Grand Tour of Course!

By Bobby B

With George canceling the shirt ride, I ended up having a free day. Housework mostly done, missus at work, and the kids away; I got to thinking about how I never stop and get proof along the way for the Grand Tour. So why not start today?!?

My thoughts were to just pick up a few of the low lying letters and plan a trip later to sweep up the rest. I picked up S - O - M in about 30 minutes. Well that won’t do, hardly a ride. So sitting in Mary Esther, I was considering going to get the D in Destin, but it was hot. Like climbing quickly to the triple digits hot. So went home for lunch.

I started looking at the map and realized with one giant swoop north I can pick up all the rest. A ride was born.

Danger and excitement at every twist in the road (and some straights too). The armadillos and inattentive drivers certainly didn’t disappoint! All in all, everything went well. Even the inattentive drivers gave a friendly wave afterwards.

Shalimar, FL

Auburn, FL

Niceville, FL

Defuniak Springs, FL

Ocean City, FL (the picture ended up being terrible, but I was in fear for my life)

Laurel Hill, FL

Liberty, FL

Argyle, FL

Red Bay, FL

Mary Esther, FL

Crestview, FL

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