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What a Sandie Adventure, Frank W saved us from Starvation

Talk about why we ride, Saturday had all the bits needed to check all the “Why We Ride” boxes . It was fabulous riding weather, cool in the morning nice and warm on the ride back. It was an enjoyable 235 miles and 6 Sandies flat enjoyed the day the company and most importantly the food. Speaking of food always take Frank W with you when food is on the schedule.

Here’s why, It’s a matter of survival for Sandies trust me on this.

We went to the Santa Fe steakhouse, in Enterprise AL, for lunch. Well there was a little situation, no Sandies were hurt in this situation by the way. The restaurant was short staffed so we had to wait. Now understand that there were quite a few groups ahead of us. The poor Hostess was doing the best she could, well The Schmoozer, Frank W, goes up and turns on Frank Charm . The Hostess comes out looking for the Bob party. Frank says “are you sure it’s not the Joe’s party” ? Hostess says no it’s the Bob party, Frank says with his Clark Gable smile “ well there isn’t anyone but us, here”. The hostess looked around and said “okay, is the Joe party here “? With a smile at Frank. Talk about selling Ice to Russians in Siberia , whew. But wait, there is more to The Legend of Frank. We get seated and the waitress comes over, Frank turns on the 1800 watt smile, she takes Frank’s order, first of course. She was one of those talented persons that can take your , with changes, no pad, nothing and a super waitperson to boot. Well when the food comes out, EL Schmoozer is talking being charming as only Frank can. Well the orders got mixed up, she says “I never get it wrong” . Now how did that happen? hum.

We were very fortunate to have Dennis O with us on this journey. Dennis is one helluva good rider as evidenced when we ran into the “Boll Weevil Festival”. Yes Marylyn The Boll Weevil Festival, the local constabulary blocked off all kinds roads . All, which by the way, led to our place of food. As always the police don’t take in to account some of us ride motorcycles. The detour was behind warehouses, along railroad tracks, pavement in name only. You know all the back alleyways and warehouse and fright yards. Sam and I were okay, Spyders, but the others had to call on chapters out of their Skills Book. Dennis did a heck of a super job on that crap surfaces. You would have thought Dennis was on a 250 instead of a 1,00 lb. Touring Bike. Great job Dennis, always a pleasure riding with you.

The whole reason for the Sandie Saturday Adventure was going to The Army Aviation Museum at Fort Novosel , used to be Fort Rucker. They have expanded the Museum, there are two buildings now. There are a bunch of outdoors exhibits, JoeJoe’s pictures cover a bunch of Army helicopters and Airplanes going back to The Wright Brothers first. As a reminder to you Zoomie Types it was the Army Air Corp, first before the Air Force. For and old Hooker like me, that’s a Chinook Crew dog, seeing the old and new Chinooks was looking at a 1952 Ford and a 2023 Tesla what a change. But I got really nostalgic walking through the old B model in the museum. Really missed the hydraulic oil smell and the little drips of it coming out of the transmission. Also seeing what are considered “Old” helicopters that I flew and worked on sure brings home how things change. I just sat there thinking about all those adventures and guys I flew with, glad I was there with Sam and my good riding friends.

It was just a great day of riding, reminisces and being with good friends and fellow Riders. We have some really neat Sandie Saturday Adventures planned to some really off the beaten path places, almost all roads in some kind of pavement shape.

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