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Were The Road Gods took Pity on Munchkin

Had the Pumpkin Pre Ride today and again it shows just how this Club pulls together. Knitting first, 104 miles long, 15 Sandies participated in a really good Pre Poker Run.

First I would like to thank these Sandies that volunteered to man a Checkpoint, thank you

1 and 5 Registration Crew

2nd Snuggle Bunnies Frank W and Carl B

3rd The A team- Numero Uno Mark S and Tim (Traveler) W

4th Team Fly Michael McMillan

Again Thank you very much

Mark Shaw has been gracious enough to allow us use his place of business for our Poker Run. If you haven’t figured out by now, we are the last Riding Club to do poker runs the old fashion way. Have a real route, checkpoints on the right, a map etc. put some time and effort into it, Oh well.

First off it was super having Lorna S with us today never get to see Lorna, it was great . Would be remiss if I did not Thank two hard working Sandies, Bobby B and JoeJoe. Our Map and Flyer are first rate they are the best I have seen in many years. Map has a QR code to put the map on your phone a first for this part of the world. Our Flyer has a QR code to let you register early and it gives you all the information. Bobby and Joe are responsible for that new Sandie web site. I can tell you I have a new revived interest in The Sandies because of the work of those two. If you haven’t registered yet, what’s holding you back? Register now, the waters perfect, go to you will love it.

Now the Munchkin story, Imagine your Cat Herder and over the Radio. You hear from Sheepdog extraordinaire, Tommy NMunchkin’s bike broke, save us a table “ . It’s just like a Sandie to think of food first in a developing situation. Reached Tommy and found out it had to do with Munchkins shift linkage had come loose. It was an easy fix and they were on their way to lunch. Now here is where after all the Road Gods have done to The Munchkin, they finally say “Here, enjoy”. They let Munchkin win with of all things a straight. A straight with a small crowd like this, come on had to be divine intervention.

Unfortunately there has to be a last, Tommy N was “that person”. Well when

you have no card higher than 4 and nothing matches, your “that person”.

Last Thank you goes to Greg L for your very generous donation to our Charity. Greg has to work next Sunday so he made the very generous donation.

Hope to see all you Sandies next Saturday, load trucks, put out arrows.

Sunday it’s Showtime at Golden Corral need all of you that can be there , please.


Pictures from the Artistic Camera work of Bobby B

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At lest I won LAST. :)

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