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The Sirens Song

Well we picked up a new Member today, got the money, HOO BOY. Name is Kasey, rides an Indian, was invited by Dawn M. At least we hope Dawn hasn’t lost a few lightbulbs in the attic.   When JoeJoe sends a picture we will share.


Okay had 9 Sandies today rode 138 miles and almost repeated an adventure I had with water. That would have been two different motorcycles with the same outcome. Went for a Ride after breakfast, normal see. As you know we have a lot of rain, the streams and rivers are running very high. Can you see the picture beginning to develop ? Still a little hazy ? Taking the scenic way to the east entrance to Cory Booker road. Turn go about 50 yards and there it was, water rushing over the road. I began to hear a Siren song, “George, I’m here for you, look you can see the other road, you know you want to Come over its going to be easy”. To add to this chorus of Sirens, were people who had been at the Submarine Christening. Tommy N going “ You know you want to, go aheadTony G  “Looks easy George “ JoeJoe with Camera clutched tightly in hand, “Go head make my day, I can take some killer shots like the last time, I’ll be famous, go on you can make it”. Bobby B is saying things like “Not again George, I’m not coming in to save you “.  Meanwhile  Sam is saying “ Don’t  be an idiot, don’t do it”.


I sit there staring and thinking, “The water is not THAT fast, doesn’t even look that deep, I can see a piece of the road, sides I have a three wheeler, I wonder if it floats” ? .  Tim W drives by me, I’m thinking, “I can see if Tim makes it then me maybe”.  Damn Tim was only turning around. I stare at the rushing water and realize maybe I did learn my lesson, but just this once…..


I turned away and we headed for the long way around. Escambia  County  Road 134 actually ends at Corey Booker Road, made a right and off we went. Kasey was surprised at how many cool roads we have in NWF .  I told Kasey , “Ride with Tim sometime , Tim has some incredible roads in his book bag”.


Thank you so much JoeJoe for being Sheepdog today, I really appreciate it. Super ride today, good roads with great friends.

It don’t suck being a Sandie does it.

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