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The Grand Opening of a nice Local Shop

What does an 1914 Case Tractor and doughnuts have in common ? Stay tuned folks because there is a definite tie-in. Surprised don’t be it’s a Sandie thing

Let’s start off with the strange fascination Sandies have with doughnuts

We start off on Saturday watching Sandies cramming doughnuts at noon. Watching Tommy N, Bobby B, Mark S and Tony G woofing down doughnuts like they hadn’t eaten in a month. I will never understand the pull of doughnuts and Sandies. Now get this the same crew was eating pulled pork with all the fixings an hour later. Frank W, Sam, Steven G and Joe W all showed remarkable restraint in that Den of Doughnut Temptations.

11 Sandies made the Grand Opening. M2 and The Mitchell dropped in later. Domboski’s is owned by the son, Andy, of the late Jerry Domboski’s of Jerry’s Cycles on Racetrack Rd. Nice shop and good food, the Doughnut Gang by the way slowed down not a whit bellying up to the BarbQ table. Even Steven G got in the act, showing me his pulled pork and mac and cheese sandwich, only a Sandie would think of that. Met a lot of folks I haven’t seen in years, some as long as twenty years ago. The old crowd that started riding in the 60’s may have thinned out because of age and time. But there are still some of us around, some of us still riding even.

Now how did a 1914 Case Tractor, by the way Tony G took some great pictures of it. Okay and this is Germaine to the story , how? Next door was this boat that sat on Eglin parkway next to Joys Southern Restaurant. The price tag was $118,000 at that time, so I was curious . Well met the guy who built it and there right next to the boat, sat the 1914 Case Tractor. It belonged to his grandfather and his dad used it in Parades and Tractor Pulls. Top speed, 3 miles an hour, he said always did a full pull, slow but it never stopped. It was at this point Tommy wanted ice cream, how a Case 1914 Tractor triggered that response beats the heck out of me. When it comes to Sandies and food there is no rational reason for anything. It was a great day of meeting old friends and making new ones, another great Sandie day.

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