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The Goose’s Tour

Editorial Note: This article was first published in November 2012.

Joe B. "Goose", Alex B. and Joel G. "Mad Dawg's" Grand Tour.

So there we were, another successful Thunder Beach under the belt, a belly full of

some yummy Biker Burger….. But alas, nothing to do the following day. No Sandie

ride, hmmm what to do? Joel and I debated leaving early in the morning to ride up to

Birmingham to say “Good Morning” to George in his hotel, but the thought of seeing

George in his “Cupcake” jammies again had us reconsidering our options. And then

Joel had it, the Sandie Grand Tour! But we weren’t going to take days, weeks, or

months to do it, no sir. We were going to do it in one day! Joel broke out the map and

we started planning our trip.

The next morning Alex and I met up with Joel on Okaloosa Island, FL for some

breakfast and a review of the plan. Next we made our way down 98 stopping in Mary

Ester, FL, Navarre, FL, and then out to Lillian, AL. Then we headed north through

Robertsdale, AL, Loxley, AL and Stapleton, AL. By then being Sandies, it was time

to EAT! We found “Street’s Seafood Restaurant” in Bay Minette and it was

definitely Sandie friendly. They had a very nice country buffet set up and boy was it

good. We now set our compass for North East and headed up through Atmore, AL on

our way to Andalusia, AL. As a side note we found a free bike wash on the way

courtesy of Mother Nature! Thanks go out to Alex “The Aquanut” or otherwise

known as “Rain-Magnet-McBell”! Then back home to Florida to Defuniak Springs,

FL and then the home planet of skills, Crestview, FL.

So, 2 states, 11+ cities and towns, 350 miles, 9 hours later… what can I say… We

are Sandies! We ride the Sandie way!

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