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Skills Where Da Judge Beat her Demon

Judge Laura joined us today at Skills . Laura is back on two wheels, she was on Three but a timely pacemaker made Two wheels possible .Da Judge as her Road Name, well earned, by the way implies. Laura promptly bought her another V-Strom.

Now among the unattended consequences of said new ride was that Sensei, Michael M, is now a carrier of MBS. MBS or Multiple Bike Syndrome or when you have more motorcycles than you can comfortably ride in one day. I am sad to say we have multiple carriers of this disease. The Typhoid Mary of MBS, The Mitchell has a motorcycle for everyday of the week plus. Not far behind Dave Mac, Stephen G surprisingly Munchkin. Keeping them in good company, Tim W and Wes H. Now we have members with minor cases MBS, but owning just two rides is a minor case of MBS . M2 has the unenviable job of caring for said V-Strom and also adds to Michaels ever burgeoning stable of Rides. Now a word of caution here, these serious carriers of MBS can and do infect other Sandies so please practice good social distancing.

Back to today’s Skills, we had 7 Sandies on a cloudy cool day. Carl B joined us, you know if you have ever noticed Carl is a very good bike handler. Carl in the box is very worth the study. Carl does a perfect box, big or small Carl can handle that Harley well in that situation. Speaking of The Box it has been a Judge Laura nemesis Laura has battled that Square for a while. Well today Da Judge, with help, whipped the monster, made it cry Uncle. JoeJoe and Sam worked the Box with The Jerry Paladino method . Two folks stand on opposite sides of the box. JoeJoe says in box rider “ look at me, look at me”! When said Rider approaches outer line he says “ look at her” pointing to opposite side of the box. Sam then promptly starts the same mantra. What this does is teach you look up and you go where you look. With Sandie Teamwork, Da Judge was soon Master of The Universal Box .

Through all of this Bobby “Ansel Adams” B for those of you that just went “Huh”? Ansel Adams was a very famous photographer, his landscapes of Yosemite and out West command millions of dollars today. Well Bobby was everywhere and taking all kinds of pictures. You add JoeJoe’s pictures of Sandie life and you have a very comprehensive record of what the Sandies do for fun.

I would be remiss if I didn’t do a shout for FatBoy’s restaurant in Crestview, We chose FatBoy’s cause they were open and did Pub food. Our waiter exemplified what service is and means. Sam wanted coffee and water . He came back and apologetically said they were out of coffee. Okay no big deal , we ordered the waiter comes back and says he has some personal K-Cups and could he make Sam a cup of coffee. All of us were floored in this day no less, this fella goes way out of his way to deliver. He returns shortly with what Sam said was a good cup of coffee. In this day and age to run across this level of service makes you think it might be alright after all. It was a good day watched a good rider become even better.

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