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Skills was full of Surprises

A Skills full of Surprises

The Rain this morning passed through and it got very pleasant. A side note, Lost my CAT HERDER Plate and holder. The holder is what I want back it’s an IRON BUTT holder. Earned when 14 Sandies did the Iron Butt, we are still telling stories about that Sandie Adventure.

Okay Todays Skills were filled with many a first. But first the knitting, 9 Sandies made it out after the Rain. But what a group of riders, we were lucky to have Sensei ( Michael M), Greg L , more on Greg later. Bobby the B, Sheepdog himself, Tommy N. The Master himself, JoeJoe. Let’s not forget Sandy and Sam , they both have put tens of thousands of miles on Spyders. We had a super talented group of Riders, not a slouch in the Group. We were very fortunate to have this Group out for a Skills today.

I personally had a blast out there, I had no idea that a Can-Am at Skills could be so much fun. Now Tommy did remind me, unlike a two wheeler, I’m riding on a relatively flat surface. So like a car I’m scrubbing rubber off the whole tire not just a side. I did remember way back in my SCCA days when I would do Autocross how fast it wore out the tires. Well that notwithstanding it is just pure fun out there on the Tri Wheeler.

Now for the news and this one flat shocked me. Greg Lynn drives up on a brand new BMW, yes that Greg L. A beautiful blue 2023 L1600 GTL . I had to do a double take, Greg had a beautiful gray Harley the last time I saw Greg, now this Beemer. I found out the Pied Piper of Beemer’s Wes H let Greg take his KTL out for a spin. The rest as they say is history.

But wait it’s not over, Tommy N took Sandy’s Spyder for a spin around the Course. I have never in all my time riding with Tommy has he ever ridden Sandy’s Spyder. Especially aggressively but boy howdy did that change today. Tommy was handling that course pretty strong and doing a good job of it too.

Having Michael out is always a good thing, Michael has devoted his life to teaching people how to be better Riders. When Michael makes suggestions people listen and well they should. Michael will be teaching Rider Coach’s how to teach the Three Wheeler Course here shortly. I for one want to take the course just because I always learn something new at any MSF Course.

Now JoeJoe outdid himself on Part Two it was fast and fun. Watching all that talent out there was a real treat, we had some great bike handlers out there. I for one really had fun even though I missed a decreasing radius turn JoeJoe had on the course. Sam does real well on those JoeJoe Special Courses.

Bobby the B is another fine Bike Handler besides he always brings a positive turn to things. The New Club Website Bobby and JoeJoe designed is fabulous. If you haven’t taken a Tour and registered, you should do it as soon as possible, as a Sandie there are special things just for Sandie members on the website.

Thank You again Franky Weezak and Sandy Shorey for the great pictures

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