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Skills finally got to have one Hot but still a lot of Fun

Sam and I arrived at the Skills range,. JoeJoe, the maestro of this two-wheeled symphony, had orchestrated the layout meticulously. Tri wheelers now joined the ranks—a motley crew of three wheeled Sandies

“Tri Sandies,” JoeJoe declared, “need their slice of the asphalt pie.”

And so, the Gates expanded, swallowing more real estate. The two wheelers—Bobby B, Tommy N—nodded in approval.  But finally Munchkin, perpetually late but always on time, sort of. On time if it was the hour later fall version of Skills.  Then JoeJoe cranked up the difficulty dial for part two. Technical maneuvers blurred into adrenaline-fueled ballet. “Faster, tighter, more fun.” We leaned into curves, tires gripping the tarmac like desperate lovers.

An hour bled into ninety minutes—a symphony of lean angles, throttle finesse, and laughter. We called it a day, sweat-soaked and grinning. Soon again hope to have another Skills in the early morning coolness.

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