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Oops Wrong Way Burgers

Oops Wrong Way Burgers!

Realized when I got home we visited the wrong Cove. We were at the Pirates Cove not The Cove Bar and Grill in Gulf Shores. They are two entirely different places and in different Towns miles apart.

To say The Pirates Cove is laid back is like saying Yosemite Buffalo love Tourons. So we not only did a U turn through gravel, my I love these three wheels. We went to the wrong bar., not that it was bad, just the wrong place. Had a Burger and Fries and onion rings all just great. Visited Barber’s Marina and saw Dinosaurs and Chinese warriors and BamaHenge. BamaHenge is what Stonehenge would look like, if it was made of Styrofoam and in Alabama.

Okay today was a great day just in the wrong place. Had fun, in a very casual place. First time I felt overdressed on a motorcycle ride.

Okay the knitting, went 150 miles to eat burgers at the wrong Cove. Had 9 Sandies that rode and had a different kind of Ride.

Tony and Nikki rode up at GTD and Tony informed me that he was shy a wallet. I figured it was like JoeJoe, wink wink. Tony and Nikki took off they would meet us in Navarre. At GTD, JoeJoe Bobby the B and a pleasant surprise M2. It always great to see Michael join us on a Sandie Ride. The day was unbelievably nice and cool to start with. As the day wore on it began to get a bit warmer, okay it was hot. We met Tony and Nikki and Glenn S in Navarre. We proceeded to ride to the Pirates Cove. But not before taking a wrong turn and ending up across the Bayou from the Pirates Cove. Since we couldn’t ride across the Bayou, I’m leaving the subject alone, I’m sure I can hear the snickers already.

In spite of The Wrong Way Corrigan maneuver we really did have a great time eating wrong way burgers.

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