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One of our best Turn-outs in quite awhile and the Ride was fantastic.

Had a great turnout for a ride to Opp AL, 14 Sandies rode 175 miles to eat. Yea and that’s strange how ? I mean come on, its Sandies for gosh sakes. 

Before we get into the grisly details about Sandies and food, some atta boys and welcome back we missed you’s.


First the, missed you bunches, what took you so long, to come home ? Nikki G  is back with us and  how sweet it is. We all missed that humor and attitude.  I can tell you Tony missed ya, welcome back. The Welcome Yugo broke down, still looking for parts. But it’s good ta have you back.  


Then our Atta Boy Ya Done Real Good goes to Melanie W. Melanie has done gone and got her Motorcycle Endorsement, whoop whoop ! Melanie can transport Joe around those nappy days, when Joe wants to rest. Congratulations Melanie !

In the haven’t seen you in a while Dept. It was especially great to see Greg L . Greg it was really cool to see you and that ultra-nice Beemer again.


In the let’s get  this over cause this is the Sandies nothing remains a secret, ever, in The Sandies. Opp AL is about 80 miles away, the restaurant, Wheelhouse, opens at 11 am. So I figure that with the Sandies we can leave at 8 am and take our time getting there. Well I guessed wrong we got there about 10 am an hour from us. The one thing you don’t want is restless Sandies with time on their hands. This Club is the living embodiment of “Idle hands are The Devils workshop”. So I figured a ride to Frank Jackson State Park was a good idea. Frank Jackson is a pretty place got a little beach and nice picnic grounds. Oh I forgot Tim W just came back from 2300 mile Trip. By the looks of Tim’s Spyder  It must have been a rough one, I mean cigarette butts in the radiator grill? Tim must really have quite a tale to tell.


We still got to The Wheelhouse  a bit early like about 5 minutes. You’d a thought folks had to wait hours in the broiling hot Sun. I do know the cook was taking a smoke break , spotted all of us parking and tossed his smoke and hot footed it back to the kitchen.  Once again Club Sandies strike fear in the hearts of restaurant folks.


The food and service were excellent prices not bad. We are planning a return Adventure. I want to try Moonpie Banana pudding oh and the Bread Pudding also sounded very special.

Speaking of restaurants we had Mark and Lorna S with us on their Spyder. See I told you we had special folks with us. I mean Mark is always kinda special, in a kind way.


I know I sound redundant but I can’t say this enough, thank you Tommy for your Sheepdoging again today. Especially when I lose comm with everyone. Then the job of leading falls to the Team Tommy, Sandy and Sam. With situation reports from Tommy, Sam knows what’s happening and let me tell you Sam is pretty good at herding cats. Thanks Team you guys are the best as always.


On the way home ran into one of those questions that make you wonder. We had gotten to Old Bethel and highway 85, I usually go left follow Old Bethel the Antioch etc. Well Bobby, Tony, Greg and Tim all stayed on 85 heading South. I began to wonder why I took the other route especially when Tommy said The Garmin added 6 minutes to the return time.  Then it hit me, my way was longer but on a hot return trip there was more riding less traffic. I know that’s not  great reasoning but it seems less obstructive traffic density and red lights.


It was a great Ride, I mean when is a Sandie Ride truly a Bad Ride ? 


It really don’t suck being a Sandie.


Thank you Sandy S for the great pictures .

 I think this picture explains the Sandies perfectly, it ain't about your Ride. It's the fact that you do ride.






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Bobby B
Bobby B
May 01

I took the scenic route around Crestview with you last time. I was itching to get back and get my gear off after eating a big lunch. We only had the one long delay at 90. We had a police escort through town (no pretty lights), so all of the traffic was mindful and polite.


Awesome day! Thanks


Great day great folks great road great food

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