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Jim and Anne came out today, Oh yea Frank too

Well you missed a most memorable Ride it was. Weather was beautiful, a bit coolish at first. It warmed right up as we rode though. Did 128 miles of nice scenic roads .Munchkin joined us at 10 but his clock said 9 am. Yes like the swallows returning Capistrano, Munchkin forgot the time change ( sigh).


Now the great news, Jim and Annie rode with us , the whole ride. We haven’t seen  Jim and Annie on the road in months. Jim had to have some serious surgery, Jim's Doctor said to ride the Harley it would be good for Jim. I whole heartily concur it can only be good therapy.


The roads we took were outstanding. Tim W discovered some of these and shared, thanks Tim. For those of you  that have been living under a rock, Tim knows roads, a lot of paved beauties, Tim usually has a ride on Thursday if you are interested.


Speaking of welcome back, said with some trepidation of course. Frank’s back just as if Frank never left, well he did come up missing . Seriously missed Frank it is never quite right without Frank.  I also want to thank JoeJoe for the superb job at Sheepdog. We are so privileged have to folks like Tommy, Sandy and JoeJoe that are competent Sheepdogs .a good sheepdog can make a Ride for me a joy or a pain in the neck.


Mark S was on the Spyder today, recuperating from his Vacation. Well vacation  means different things to folks. Mark and Lorna spent time hiking through snow, it looked like deep snow to boot. Mark said they let the folks with snowshoes cut a trail for them. This is Marks version of a vacation ?


You want to see great videos of riding ? Check out Tony’s G’s excellent Video’s . For the paid members check out our Members only Facebook page, Tony posts there.  Working on getting those great video’s on our Website.  Also working on putting them on the Sandie Public  Facebook page, they would reach a large audience.  We have over 800 likes and over 600 have signed up on that page. Just had some riders from Poland, like the page.


Now what can I say about Bobby B ? Well according to his Parole Councilor quite a lot apparently. Only kidding folks, Bobby is as innocent as a fox caught on a henhouse. Okay, Okay enough of that Bobby is a nice guy and I have been told by senior management too knock it off. When it comes to being a great Sandie Bobby fills all the box’s, proud to ride with him . Okay now will you untie me from this chair?


Folks it’s been a great ride, the food at Boomerang Pizza along with the service was outstanding. Another Great Sandie Road adventure is over, can’t wait for the next time .

The outstanding Photos were courtesy of JoeJoe and Bobby B






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Great 1st real ride after getting the left eye rebuilt, actually just cataracts & astigmatism. Almost turned around when we hit the dirt then realized it was only about 100 feet. Thanks for the write up & pics.

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