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It was a Chili 44th Anniversary

Well we are now in our 44th Year of Riding together. Had a nice crowd of Sandies, 12 Sandies and Edna’s Sisters were here visiting from Ohio. Food was good as always and plenty of it. Four different chilies with all the fix’ns and do not forget Edna’s outstanding desserts. David ( Munchkin) B, Helen B brought Chili, Bobby B and Christina Tony G were among the Sandies there. Robert W and his daughter Haley W. Robert by the way rode motorcycle along with JoeJoe and myself also rode, the temp at Chili time was 36 degrees. We talked about old times and made plans for some adventures that become old times. I want to thank Edna for opening her house again for the festivities, thank you Edna.

With the Anniversary get together behind us We can now look forward to another year of Riding together and sharing fellowship.

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