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It's about The Food

Sandies have a reputation for Riding, for Riding a lot. Well today proved that beyond a doubt, Sandy S and Sir Tim W both at the end of today had done 700 miles and slept in the home bed. Translation for you math stumped, 350 miles a day or for the really challenged an overnight to Atlanta and back.  That friends is a weekend Ride and both did it via Spyder, for Food. 

So there are quite a few pretty cool things with those two Sandies. All I can say is SA LUTE !!!!


Now the other riders today weren’t exactly slouches in the riding department today. 225 miles to eat, 13 Sandies rode to eat some real and I mean real country cooking. Sir Tim discovered this place and brother it was good downhome country cooking.  To include some very good fried chicken, ham oh and let’s not forget Peach cobbler. Sandies will ride for food, look at the 700 miles Sandy and Tim did this weekend, it was all over food, makes sense, to me anyway.


Now on the other hand, yes Sandies will ride to the ends of this earth for food. But, you know we have some that are to be watched and watched closely, Bobby B comes to mind. All I can say is ask Sandy S what Bobby did to Sandy, unspeakable. Well I’ll leave it the less said the better.  We were milling around outside the eatery, look inside and JoeJoe is heading for the table with a pile of Fried Chicken, already. You know you have getting firsts but really, JoeJoe?  Oh and there was a limited amount of Fried Chicken, the first two at the serving table got two heaping plates. I being polite let others go first including Tommy N. Who by the way got off a plane and headed to Enterprise AL, now that’s being a Sandie or a Foodie, wait, that’s the same. 

Sam was second and saved me a piece of Chicken, mmm good. Being together and best friends for 44 years is good. I had the ham also excellent but the chicken…..


I have to commend Munchkin today, Munch waited at the corner, Sam sailed by failing to see Munch.

Folks, if you get separated don’t haul butt to catch up. The Rule we ride by, if you get to a corner and the rider behind you is not in sight, wait until such time as they catch up and acknowledge they see you, then you haul butt. Munch also waited at the corner, when Sandy had a Kerfuffle, Munch waited until he got the all clear and then headed back to the Group.

That fellow Sandies is how it’s supposed to be done, thank you Munchkin.


Joe and Melanie W were on their beautiful Red Spyder. That is a gorgeous good looking color. Sides Joe and especially Melanie are a pleasure to share a Ride with, sorry Joe.


Speaking of things, Dennis O or who to me will forever be Chief. His retired rank was Chief and Dennis just seems like a Chief so it will be. Oh Chief was Munchkins boss at one time in the Air Force, damn small world folks.  Now knowing the Munchkin like I do, Chief earned the rank I assure you.


It was a fabulous day of great roads, thank you Tim, good friends and good Food.

“It don’t suck being a Sandie” Sensei



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Yup it is


Yup ride to eat and eat to ride 


Bobby B
Bobby B
Feb 27

Definitely thanks to Munchkin. Sandy had a very alarming beeping noise coming from her Spyder. We stopped. When we got going again, he spotted me down a hill, through treetops, and in the middle of parked cars. Eagle eyes I say!

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