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Cris and Mary Ann's Grand Tour with Bob and John too

Editorial Note: This article was first published in September 2009.

On the retirement trip , Bob, John, Cris and I (Mary Ann B.) all decided to also do the Grand Tour at the same time. I mean with riding 1400 miles you would think we would get all the letters, and we did get most, we had to pick up the N and D when we got back. It was a great ride. Our C was found cause we made a wrong turn, our N that we went out of the way for didn't count cause it was a park and not a city and our M was gotten by mistake, We just happen to stop on 65 to help another person on a bike right in front of the Montgomery city sign. Also at the same time we got a call from our Sandie friend Becky and Mitchell asking if we where OK, cause they just passed us on the highway. Not sure what is up with Sandies finding other Sandies up in Al. It was a lot of fun trying to find all the letters.

The towns we got were:

  • Steele, AL

  • Ashville, AL

  • Niceville, FL

  • Destin, FL

  • Odenville, AL

  • Letohatchee, AL

  • Luverne, AL

  • Andalusia, AL

  • Robbinsville, NC (finally a town not in AL)

  • Montgomery, AL

  • Citico, TN

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