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Cause of the Butt Chill'n Cold we are changing our leave time Sunday

Changes to The Chili ( Chilly, get it still got it) Ride

Hey, cause of butt chill’n cold Sunday, we will meet at GTD at 10:30 am. We then ride to Edna’s and enjoy food and Celebrate 44 Years of being together.

But we have to know if you’re coming or not. We have food to buy and prepare and those fix’ns .

So please let us know the information is below.

720 DuBois, Street Fort Walton

If you want to contribute something, bring: Chili or fix’ns if you want

you can drop it off the day before

RSVP TO: Edna 850-865-3140

Or Sam 850-496-1595

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Franky Weezak
Franky Weezak
Jan 20

Will be there.


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