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Breakfast Turned Out Pretty Dang Good but a Hot Ride Home

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

9 Sandies, fully dressed for this weather, wearing: parkas, heated riding suits, and gloves... okay maybe not that overdressed. We left Good Things Donuts just after dawn heading for Milton. We have previously been to Ace Cafe, but the Ace is closed on Sunday’s. So we went to Cisco’s Restaurant. Excellent food, service was great, and prices were very reasonable.

Okay now for the rest of the Adventure.

First Tim W is heading for the balmy shores of Sicily . Tim is not scheduled back until the end of October, just before Pumpkin Run (shameless plug). Stay safe Tim we need ya at the Pumpkin Run .

Sandy S took all the pictures this trip. The one Sandy took at dawn is a great picture.

We were really lucky to have Nikki G along with us . Nikki just makes the trip more fun. Kinda like Sandy but without all the meds.

Tony G has a new camera. It does 360 degrees, and I cannot wait to see the final product. Tony takes great video’s so this should only enhance those already awesome videos.

Glenn S joined us today, we don’t get a chance to see Glenn that often. It’s always good when we can spend some time with Glenn.

Today Frank W showed up with a new, to Frank, ride. Well it was like Frank is not exactly young - how about a 1978 Yamaha 650 dressed in the old Tracker style. There is a picture of it in the gallery now I have included Franks reaction to riding it today. Take it away Frank:

Ok I’ll admit to some aging especially riding the older street tracker without almost no padding between the sitting bones & the very stiff frame. Really makes you appreciate the comfortable seats on the bigger bikes. Breakfast was fun. - Frank W

It got hot in a hurry on the way home. The Positive from this we got soaked but it was from sweat, not rain. As you know the last few times I’ve been out riding we have run into rain and gotten soaked to the bone.

It was a great day, albeit it ended up a hot ride home.

-Cat Hearder

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Tony G
Tony G
Aug 14, 2023

Short ride due to the heat, but, as always, we had fun, made memories, and enjoyed the food. All in all, excellent breakfast ride.

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