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Bigfoot is Alive

After our March meeting, the Sandies went out and found 140 miles of fantastic roads and awesome food, while enjoying great weather. What’s not to like? Really!?! It was a spectacular day. Our humble club enjoys many great rides, you’ve heard it ad infinitum. Today was one of the great ones. 

Tim W took the lead. Tim knows roads, even better, he knows how to find out of the way food spots. Who would have thought that someplace called Bigfoot Campground would hold such a great buffet? Well Sandy S knew, but we are pretty certain she found out while searching for a certain mythical creature. Munchkin didn’t care who found it. He just wanted people to pick a seat so he could sit down and eat.

Speaking of chasing dreams, mine was crushed. I had always wanted to see Pink Floyd live, the 70’s the experience was said to be almost mystical. Well the most well-known tribute band, Brit Floyd is playing at the Pensacola Saenger Theatre on April 23rd. I mentioned how fortunate I was to snag some great tickets to Tommy N. Tommy then casually informs me he saw Pink Floyd back to back one weekend, with the original band members - to include David Gilmore. Then to deal a crushing blow, Tommy tells me he took a train to the concerts! Tommy said it so casually, so nonchalantly, like it was no big deal, rubbing salt in the proverbial wound. The band no longer tours and some of the members have passed; to take a train (one of my top hobbies) to see them live twice, was absolutely devastating.

I will recover from the blow, but this shows why we have “The Burt Rule”. You don’t want to be rocking on the porch at the old biker home, mention “I wish I had…”, only to have some guy named Burt say “been there and got the t-shirt”. You never know when the last opportunity will come. The Sandies have gone hundreds miles out of the way on a road adventure just because someone called “The Burt Rule”.

Today would have lifted my spirits - it was that good. Check out our Facebook page for Tony G’s excellent videos. Not to be outdone, Tim's are on point too. JoeJoe snapped some pretty darn good pictures throughout the whole day. We are very fortunate that we have JoeJoe, Tony, Sandy, Bobby and Tim to record our adventures.

a member posing with a bigfoot statue
Sam finds Bigfoot

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Bobby B
Bobby B
Mar 09

Yes sir it was. Sorry it took me so long to get to the editorial table. It's been one heck of a week...


It was a great day great ride

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