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A True Warrior and a Great Sandollar

George, here is a little tidbit I ran across in the history of the helicopter squadron Jerry Gilbert was a part of.

We all know Jerry (The Captain) Gilbert has 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses and multiple air medals.

This is something he had told me about and it confirms his stories. He participated and dropped off/picked up teams virtually on the outskirts of Hanoi.

Just in case some folks do not realize what he has been through. Now Jerry is at Westwood Manor.

This is from documents of the 20th SOS Green Hornets Jerry’s Outfit

They flew CH-3Cs, from South Vietnam, infiltrated a combat team into North Vietnam, just north of the DMZ.

In 1966, the CH-3 crews flew a total of 315 infiltration sorties

Steve Gardinier

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