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A Three Hour Cruise

Last Sunday, some Sandies took a cruise and were almost pitched off the Pensacola Ferry. Oh it’s a Sandie Trip, so what’s new? This time Sam was the cause of all the excitement. Yes Sam, who is old enough to know way better. We finished our tour and waiting on boarding the boat, and saw a locked gate that said “ Federal Property no entrance”. You see where this is going don’t you? Sam discovered that she could slip through the gate. Yep, the Federal Gov. locked do not enter gate. I’m standing on the dock with the other innocent Sandies, when I look up to see this white hat heading down the dock toward The Ferry. Sam got to the deck before being intercepted by not one but TWO crew members. They escorted the obviously very dangerous intruder back down the dock.

It was so Sandie, two big guys escorting this much smaller very obviously dangerous lady.

The crew members opened the gate, escorted Sam out, then proceeded to chain it shut behind the intruder. Yep just another Sandie adventure.

Now for the rest of the Adventure:

9 Sandies decided to try their luck on the Bounding Main last Sunday. Well not real Bounding, just

across Pensacola Bay. The Pensacola Ferry Co. has an historical cruise every Sunday. It is a docent led tour of Fort Pickens. Our docent, Carl, was extremely knowledgeable. What makes it even more remarkable is that Carl was a volunteer. We were lucky to have a guide with such a remarkable depth of knowledge.

Back to the Krewe of Lost Souls... hey any crew that has a Sandy S and a JoeJoe with a dash of Tony G is Lost!

We left GTD under darkening skies with Tommy N and Sandy S headed west. We were scheduled to pick-up JoeJoe, Mark S, Lorna S and the aforementioned Tony G. It was an uneventful trip to lunch, remember this was a Sandie trip - food first. We settled on McGuire’s in Pensacola. The Sandies acted like, well, Sandies but we got to stay anyway.

See some of the pictures from there taken by Sandy and JoeJoe outstanding. Need to give Tony G a huge shout out. Tony’s videos are simply some of the best. Add Tim W’s video’s and pictures, the Sandies are lucky to have such talent.

Club members at the Ferry Terminal dock
Port of Pensacola Ferry Terminal

We arrived at The Ferry Dock, boarded the boat. The smart crew sat in AC while the roughing it crew headed topside: briny deep, salt in the hair, and all of that. The trip to Fort Pickens is simply a great way to enjoy a Sunday. You can buy a day pass and sail around Pensacola Bay all day in comfort, snacks and adult beverages.

Arrived at The Fort, disembarked, love throwing in those Nautical terms. Carl led The Sandies on a really good tour of Fort Pickens. Lots of historical knowledge and little known facts. As we headed back to the ship, that’s when the trip turned into a true Sandie Adventure. We were allowed back on board, settled in for the trip back. I noticed that a crew member kept us in view all the way back. It was a great Adventure, we got a great story to tell around a fire on a cool fall night.

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Great time even with iffy weather

Bobby B
Bobby B
Aug 02, 2023
Replying to

Hate that I missed the laughs, but I'm glad everyone had fun.

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