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A Sandie Part Two

Today the morning threw out a tease, a little hint of cool and dry. Ah the signs of things to come hopefully before Christmas. Okay back at the Palace of Temptations ( GTD), I pull up and there is Tommy N with a bag of doughnuts of which he did share one and only one with JoeJoe . Now M2 shows up and with the usual “How y’all doing”? . Michael is hot-footing into the Den of Goodness coming out shortly with a brown paper sack clutched tightly in his hand. Now this is a Breakfast Ride after all. But Sandies and that bit of dough with stuff on or in it is a Siren Song many Sandies are powerless to resist . Fortunately Joe and Melanie W joined up with us and we could leave that Den of Sugar Delights.

We headed west to Navarre, no less, stopped at T.C. Front Porch. Normally T.C. is busy at this time but as with the admonition “not to wear white after Labor Day” the tourists weren’t out. The food was outstanding, the service first cabin. After Breakfast we decided to take that, Park Ranger enforced, leisurely drive across Santa Rosa Island. The speed limit is 35 and the Rangers are on hand to help jog your memory lest you feel froggie. Sides on beautiful morning like this the 35 mile an hour speed limit was just about perfect. Went all the way to Pensacola Beach did the Sandie maneuver we are known for , The Famous U-Turn. Heading back whence we came, we again strolled, metaphorically speaking, back across the Island. Enjoy Some of JoeJoe’ s best pictures, very good.

We got home just as the day forgot it’s cool temps and returned to its normal temps. As always got to hang out with great riding companions, eat good food and enjoy the day.

Next Sunday, finally and hopefully Skills. Remember Summer hours, 7:30 GTD, 8 am Range.

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