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A Sandie Adventure to the Valhalla of Motorcycling

The Club is planning a trip to the Mecca of Motorcycling,  Barbers Museum . If you ride you owe to your self to travel about 4.5 hours up the highway  to THE worlds largest motorcycle collection.. This collection is housed at one of the worlds most beautiful race tracks.

We are leaving the morning of the 12th of April, home by supper Sunday.  Its two nights and  three days of just pure motorcycling . I have reservations at the Double Tree hotel, Perimeter Park, Birmingham. This is not an inexpensive hotel but there are many in that area.  Reservations for accommodations are up to you. I’m just setting up the trip.  Note, if we get 10 or more folks to go we can have a docent led tour of the Museum. This is a fabulous experience, we did it once, incredible.  


We will go by car if we have to it is that cool  an Adventure. If you’re going let me know.

More details as they become available.




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