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Shaaron Jackson Lively

Shaaron Jackson Lively, entered into Eternal rest, Friday, Jan. 25, 2013. Shaaron was born on Sept. 15, 1953, Shaaron was adopted into a home by a father who loved her with all his heart

Her two sons miss her and I miss her friendship and humor. She worked very hard to be a good motorcycle rider and was successful. She enjoyed riding with the Sand Dollar Motorcycle Club. Whether on a weekend ride, an overnight adventure or a multi-day adventure to new places.

She did her best to be a good Sand Dollar. She paid her dues, worked events and attended most of the meetings and parties. One of her favorite Sandy rides was to Barbers Vintage Motorcycle Museum in Leeds Alabama.

She loved her family and the Sand Dollar Family.

She enjoyed Thunder Beach Daytona and other adventures. But always with other members when possible. From a frozen ride to Birmingham (27F !!) to hot summer rides, she was always ready to go.

Working Sandy events was one of her contributions.

Going from being a pillion warmer to passing her MC beginners course, she went from a Honda Rebel 250 to a Honda Shadow 650. Then she stepped up to the Honda Magna 750. She loved riding that bike. She owned two of them a 98 model and a 2003 model She loved the power and loved to ride daily.

She went grocery shopping on it. So what if it took half a day and 4 trips to the store. It was all RIDING!

She passed in a tragic accident on “Bloody 98” due to an unthinking and uncaring stupid person. (That was shown when he told others “I didn't hit her---she hit ME!” Yes technically that is true. She hit him at 55mph when he pulled out in front of her.)

Her friends and family sorely miss her and always will. She is now one of the Sandies in Heaven riding with her angel wings.

- SpectreSteve

Shaaron was taken from us suddenly by a truck that pulled out in front of her while doing one of the things she enjoyed most riding her motorcycle.

It was a shock to all that knew her and has left many of us in disbelief and totally heart broken.

Shaaron was like her last name the most lively woman I have ever had the pleasure of

meeting in my life. Passionate, Fun Loving, Patriotic, Life of the Party, Safe Riding Advocate, are only a few words that can not do justice to describe her. She was a strongly active member in the Patriot Guard and, strongly supported all our military members. She was one of those people that could light up a room when she walked in and, always kept people smiling and laughing.

She is survived by her two sons Chris, Shelby, and the love of her life Steve and we are soulfully sorry for your loss, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families. She touched so many lives and, will ride on in our in our thoughts and memories forever.

- Sandie John

Skwirrel logged 59,506 miles as a Sandie and will forever be remembers by all of those fortunate enough to ride with her.

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