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Ricky Davis




Ricky Davis

Ricky was the kind of guy that was instantly a best friend the moment you met him. His laugh was contagious. He could cut his eyes over at you and you just knew... And you'd often bust out laughing with no words spoken.

Rick embodied the "knees in the wind" spirit and was on his bike with anyone that wanted to ride as often as he could. If no one had any particular place in mind,

Ricky could materialize other riders from all walks of life out of thin air.

He always had a group ready to ride at a moments notice. From random business openings out in the middle of nowhere, to some of the dodgiest places you never thought you'd meet new friends, Ricky rode everywhere. Always the the back, because his pipes were so loud no one else could stand it. We'd get to a stop and somehow he'd be the only one covered in road grime; grinning from ear to ear. I think of him every time I get on a bike. He was a master mechanic that never worked on his bike. When someone would try and tease him about it or ask for his opinion on how to fix their's, Ricky

Ricky would quib "I used to love cars man. I want to be the guy out riding instead of sweating over them all day. It's not fun when you've got to fix 'em too".

I had the pleasure of riding across the country with Ricky and Carolann. It was my first long trip, and he taught me the importance of going wherever the road leads and not getting caught up in the small stuff.

Ricky was an active member of the Sand Dollar MC, a honorary member of the Green Knights MMC Chapter 89, a BACA supporter, and rode with the Emerald Coast HOGs chapter # 3605. Ricky was a great friend to all who had the pleasure of meeting him.

- BobbyB

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