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TTR What A Sandie Motorbike Adventure Should Be

11 Sandies set out on a Bold Adventure, Belly filling. It took 198 miles to accomplish this wonderful task. It was what a MotorBike trip was and should be. Everything about this day trip was from a Ride stand point was perfect. To be fair the day did not start that way. Sam’s Ride decided that it was done with the battery. Sam came to wish us a merry bon voyage, Sam then headed out to hunt down a battery.

To start Joe and Melanie W came up to travel on their new Red Spyder. The only way to describe it is just drop dead gorgeous. Take a gander at the pictures you will agree. Of course the Mistress of Chaos was present and accounted for, Sandy S. Great Sandie Adventures always need a little Chaos and with Tim W along we have plenty. You can imagine the intersection of both and what happens. But on this Trip I think both canceled out their effect on the Cosmos. We had a simply tremendous MotorBike trip.

We left and stayed off the beaten path as much as possible. Even though The Beaten Path is seeing more and more upscale housing developments. When we used to come along this route 20, 30 years ago we saw nary an automobile. A confession about 20 years ago we did things that you look back on and say “What in God’s name were we thinking”? We were on Quintette Rd, part of yesterday’s route. It was straight as an arrow, no driveways or cross streets, not that way now lots of development now..

Well Joejoe on his Hyabusa nails it, soon every one of us to include Sam were over The Century Mark, some further on the scale than others. As we all slowed down there was big grins all around. We will never see the likes of that again, Progress. You ask yourself “Self, how did we survive the silly stuff. In my defense I was still doing it until one day Dave Mac and Tommy N almost had to save my dumb ass.

Back to the Great Motorbike Trip, all that remember whining aside, on that same road Saturday it was normal speed for us all, sigh.

Well back to our fantastic Saturday, weather was awesome, sunny, just a hint of cool. Mark S on his GL, Mark suffers from MBS (Multiple Bike Syndrome) those decisions which one today? Bobby B was among the enjoyers of This Fine Sandie Motorbike Trip. I know I keep saying it but Bobby and JoeJoe have done a super job with the new Sandie Website. Speaking of JoeJoe, I beat JoeJoe into The Derail, yes it happened a most noteworthy occasion.

What’s a fine Motorbike Trip without Frank W? It would be dull to say the least fortunately Frank made the trip. Now Frank left early headed back to watch the Auburn Alabama game. I haven’t checked to see if Frank suffered a heart attack with that ending.

Here I must take time to thank Tommy N for Sheepdoging the Trip. Tommy always does a great job of letting me know what’s going on. Tommy has made many a Sandie trip much more enjoyable for me. Cat Herdering can be a taxing job, not only do you have to keep up with where everyone is, you also have to keep up with the situation around you. A good Sheepdog makes Cat Herding much easier there by making it a more enjoyable trip. Tommy is one of the best but then JoeJoe and yes Sandy S are also great Sheepdogs, thank you all.

This Trip had all the things that make a Sandie MotorBike Trip so much fun, good roads, good food and great fellow Sandies. It don’t get any better than that, see you soon?

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Motorbike is a term for a small, lightweight motorcycle, often used for commuting or leisure.


Great ride even without a poker run

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