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If 2024 is anything like today W00WEE its going to be out of this World

If today was any sign of what’s to come, 2024 will be three words fa-bu-lus. It had everything, even Tim ( The Murph) M from that terrific state of Georgia . To double the fun we had The Other Tim, Tim W. Now ya gotta admit with a pair of rather infamous Tim’s it’s going to be a cool day. Speaking of cool things Tony G led much of the day. To think it was because I missed a turn, yes missed a turn. We know that just don’t happen but today it happened, yes indeedie, hard to comprehend isn’t it ? Well Tony came on the radio and said “take Nichols Lake road “. So up it comes, just before the dead end sign. I take a left as per instruction , Tony then says “let me take the lead”, which I gladly complied. Tony took us on some great roads leading up to 90. It was beginning to look like a great first Sunday in 2024.

Okay back to the knitting , we had 12 Sandies take a simply wonderful 112 miles that included Blueberry bread pudding ala mode. Oh and A blueberry streusel cookie , it also took the ice cream route. Now all of this because Tony led us to Boomerang Pizza in the Historical section of Milton. Never had a bad dish there in all the times we have been there. Oh to keep the record straight, it was JoeJoe of the Bread Pudding and Tommy (call me vanilla ice cream) N. Sam and I treated The Murph to breakfast and lunch. Being a Sandie that should keep Tim coming back.

Now today was a quiet day for Sandy, well as quiet as Sandy can possibly be. Frank W told the story of Munchkin at The Christmas Party trying one of Franks sausage balls which have cheese in them. Munchkins dislike of cheese is legendary. Unfortunately Frank forgot to warn Munchkin before Munchkin grabbed one, It was well , interesting. Today Munchkin made it clear, Munchkin don’t do cheese, which is kinda interesting at a Pizza joint, it’s a Sandie thing. JoeJoe has been under the weather and missed some Sandie events, today JoeJoe was in full plumage and feeling better, welcome back.

I need to thank Tommy N for a super job Sheep dogging it. You have to realize why I make a big deal out of our Sandie Sheepdogs. They make the Cat Herding so much easier, trust me they do make a Ride fun for the Cat Herder too.

Today was simply a great day to be a Sandie, good friends, great food and fabulous ride. Thank you Tony G and you Tommy for making this a super Sunday for all of us.

More photo's on the way

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