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Not even Butt scorching Heat can keep Sandies from Food

Since the actual temperature for Saturday was scheduled to be 100 degree’s. It was Breakfast ride , again since it was Saturday more places of Vittles were open. We ended up ultimately with 9 Sandies and did right at 100 miles. JoeJoe finally made it he had been working weekends and nights. Sam bought his breakfast seems JoeJoe left his wallet in his other jacket, riiight cough cough.

Tony G of Video fame resorted to Camera this time, at first I thought a shrunken JoeJoe was running around doing the photog thing.

Ah Frank W what can I say we had to wait for a table and Frank is chatting up the folks around him. I think Frank sold two condos and a lot in Southern Florida before we got inside.

Munchkin and Helen met us on the road. Tommy said “Hey a Road Glide is trying to sneak up on us”. Well it was Munchkin and sneaking up not a word I would use to describe louder sound of Munchkin's Road Glide.

The food was good and lot of it. The company was first cabin and the good part we made it home before the thermometer hit the Century mark.

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