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Another outstanding Breakfast Ride

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Black Creek Diner was a FANTASTIC !!!! Breakfast Ride ,2 Road Captains today ,,BONUS FOR US George in the morning and Tim after breakfast. .and if that wasn't the best " a TRUE SKILLS DAY IT WAS !!!! From tree snakes ,road kill, water build up and you think it’s a DEEP HOLE TO winding almost fish hook CURVES.. to head on a swivel looking for tree rats to Large deer/bear/pigs.. people mounds to large rocks and having your brain do 20 different things AT ONCE.. we ALL get an A++ for skills we had no idea we were about to do.. One of THE BEST DAYS EVER.. from start to finish Radio stayed lit with continuous road skills announcements,, we are successful and well-oiled machine in action NAILED IT

PS WE did 150 miles and No rain.


Have some pictures from this morning's Breakfast Ride to the Black Creek Café in Freeport, FL.

We ended up riding 150 miles in up to 95 degree weather and got home before 11AM.

Did not get any rain either.

Gotta thank Tim W. for the real good route back home from Freeport. All kinds of twisty roads to play on.


It was a great day to be riding, thank Tim W for the roads. Seven Sandies set out for Breakfast. Freeport Café is closed, after 35 years, landlord showed up and said sold the property. Putting in a gas station, wow we needed another one of those. Fortunately the Freeport Café folks had another location Black Creek Café. Food and service outstanding as of old. While Sam and I headed back, trying to catch the Thai Market at the Buddhist Temple. Tim took all the rest of that unwashed mob of Sandie on a romp through the woods of Walton.

Getting used to The Spyder it’s going to be a new phase in my motorcycle life. Started at age 12 with a moped , now on a Spyder at 75. At least it’s out on the road with great friends


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Good Food and great roads.

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